Donald Trump Campaigning Like It’s 1999… But Why Is Everyone Forgetting Trump’s 1989 Ghostbusters Video Appearance?

Tonight on CNN, a Donald Trump supporter continued to explain how Bill Clinton’s 1990s affairs are somehow relevant to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

3 Questions For Donald Trump

  1. Do you really believe that Americans don’t know Bill and Hillary are different people?  To put this in context, courts apparently think corporations count as “persons” but nobody thinks you are the same person as “Trump Entertainment Resorts,” owner of failed Atlantic City casinos. Although that would be a much better comparison.
  2. Lets go back even further to 1989 – should we assume that the fact you were in a Bobby Brown Ghostbusters video means you share the same values with respect to women as Bobby Brown? We think you have more in common with the ghost that slimes people, but that’s based on what you currently say, and not a 1989 video.

3. Speaking of ghosts, when is Abraham Lincoln going to return from the dead? He still has some time left on his term and is eligible to run for the G.O.P. according to our math!

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