Netflix House Of Cards Features Fuller House

CBS News reports that Netflix will be debuting 15 new shows in 2016, including “Fuller House,” which stars everyone from “Full House” except the Olsen Twins and other famous people.

But what are the former stars doing? Here are some shows we hope they are working on:

  1. “America’s Funniest Home Videos That Are Not On YouTube, Vine, or Anywhere Else”
  2. “Fuller E.R. a.k.a. the Place People From America’s Funniest Home Videos Go To Get Their Minor Injuries Treated By John Stamos”
  3. “Sitting In An E.R. Waiting Room Hoping Someone Else Will Eventually Record A Song About Me, Dave Coulier”

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  1. The Olsen Twins are making their own choices. Here’s my take on it:


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