3 Reasons We Believe Guns N’ Roses Will Reunite In 2016

EW reports that Guns N’ Roses front-man Axl Rose tweeted this today:

“The only thing I know “confirmed” is my LOVE of Taco Bell! Mmmmm…. Taco Bell!! Happy New Years!!”

Now – here are the 3 reasons we believe the band will reunite…

  1. Axl just endorsed Taco Bell. Who in the world would publicly do that without getting paid? Axl, you’re a rock star – you do not have to eat tacos with Dorito shells. So if you were paid to endorse Taco Bell, let’s just say you’ll do anything for money this year, including pretending not to hold 20-year grudges with your former band.
  2. Axl endorsed Taco Bell at 1:41 a.m. Guns N’ Roses fans know that this is the typical GNR concert start time (regardless of what is printed on the ticket). So Axl is obviously training for proper touring sleep patterns.
  3. Mötley Crüe just performed their final concert last night. So as far as 80s American glam rock goes, the only competition left is Poison. Even Axl W. Rose knows it would be a disservice to the public to allow Bret Michaels to be the king of stadium hair bands… or worse, the former Celebrity Apprentice could endorse Donald Trump, which is far worse on the stomach than anything Taco Bell sells. So as a public service, GNR must ensure that Poison spends 2016 in obscurity.

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