Finally A Car With A Moose Alert!

Yahoo Finance reports that the Swedish-carmaker-owned-by-a-Chinese-Company, Volvo has introduced a car that warns you if there is a moose on the road.  Here are three more alerts we’d like to see…

  1. Someone-actually-bought-a-Volvo-in-the-2010s alert.  If someone is driving the IKEA of cars, we want to know and help them assemble their next vehicle!
  2. Moose-with-fake-antlers alert. Because you’ve had enough of people showing your kids fake reindeer every Christmas.
  3. Christmas Mall Parking Lot Inconsiderate Driver Alert. Lets you know that you better ram into that space you’ve been patiently waiting for, with your turn signal on, before these jerks steal it.  Hopefully their car has a don’t-hit-another-vehicle-while-buying-gifts-to-commemorate-peace-on-earth-and-goodwill alert.

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