Mark Zuckerberg Pledges To Give 99% Of Facebook Stock To Charity… And Why It Makes The People Who Drive You Crazy On Facebook Awesome.

Hooray! CNN reports Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to give away stock currently valued at $45 billion to charity.

3 Ironic Things From This Story

  1. People who don’t understand how capitalism works and write “Stop putting ads in MY Facebook” below newsfeed ads actually still managed to donate money to charity through their clueless comments beneath ads they viewed.
  2. That dumb photo of your ex awkwardly hanging-off a former shirtless Abercrombie doorman. Also = money to charity! (Probably next to an ad for desperate singles.)
  3. That hundred-post debate by the person who denied climate change even though Exxon scientists believe in it.  Probably lead to all kinds of money to charity. Hopefully some charity to fight climate change!

Conclusion: so the next time you get mad that some uninformed blowhard  writes something on Facebook – join the debate.  Money from all the ads may go to the opposite of what that person believes in!

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