3 More Products We’d Like To See If Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller Merged

As we’ve been writing recently, the parent companies of Bud and Miller Lite are considering a merger.

Here are 3 more products we’d like to see from any combined company.

  1. Blue Goose.”  That sounds very crafty and combines MillerCoors “Blue Moon” and AB’s “Goose Island” into one craftier sounding product that can feature a hipster goose mascot.
  2. Grey Goose Lawsuit Lite.” This would feature actually holes punched from paper featuring the lawsuit that may result from item number one.
  3. Anheuser Busch Ambev Inbev South African Breweries Fosters Labatt Light.” This beverage, named after many companies that have become part of this future potential conglomerate can be made by beverage enthusiasts at the factory. Just mix whatever you want together from a draft tap, much like you do with soft drinks at fast food restaurants.

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