Uber and Lyft Now In Las Vegas – Just Not The Airport or on the Strip, But Vegas Still Welcomes You!

Travel weekly reports that after lengthy legal battles, Uber and Lyft are now operating at Las Vegas.  Just not at the airport or directly on the Strip…

3 Sarcastic Comments We Have For This Story

  • “Thank you Vegas for protecting consumers from Uber rides at your airport!  We love waiting in the long cab lines, unless it’s a recession, in which case, we love jumping directly in a cab while the driver complains they have only had three fares all day.  Thank goodness you have a cab industry that has nailed supply, demand, and efficiency!”
  • “Thank goodness we can still take cabs from the airport that if we aren’t paying attention will take us the “fast* route” that somehow manages to get on the interstate even though the airport is on the Las Vegas Strip.”
  • “You’re not allowing Uber on the Strip, either?  We guess the only benefit about not being able to use Uber in Vegas is that what happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas**, as there won’t be a map in the next Hangover sequel showing exactly where everyone went the night before.”

*the fact that you are driving fast to nowhere does not make it a better deal than an app that shows us exactly what is going on.

**but us travelers can still stay home now that you are advertising that you insist on your inefficient system wherever anyone would want to go.

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