We’d Like To Give A Bad Rating To The People Who Came Up With An App That Rates People

Silicon Beat reports a new app called “Peeple” allows you to rate people, similarly to how you’d rate restaurants on Yelp, or hotels on TripAdvisor.  Yes, you can be rated.  Or anyone whose cell number you know.

Fortunately, the App reportedly will only give you, dear reader, positive ratings, unless you sign up.  If you sign up, then you can get negative reviews.  Those are the rules!

Here are our 3 ratings of people involved in this app, which we have never used…

  1. We rate the people who invested in this as “bad investors.”  In a world of seemingly infinite start-ups, and someone crowd-sourcing funding to make potato salad, this somehow seemed like the best possible investment?*
  2. We rate the people who sign up for this as “bad at reading fine print.” Because, as mentioned, signing up is the only way you can get a negative review.
  3. We rate the people who think its a good idea giving regular, private, law-abiding citizens bad reviews for the world to see, as “terrible people.” Even Donald Trump only gives bad reviews to public individuals who pick fights with him.

*This is not investment advice, so don’t sue us if you invested in something that rates people, or else we will also have to rate you as terrible at starting non-frivolous lawsuits based on opinions and protected by free speech!

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