3 Ways To Tell If Your Online Stock Brokerage Account Has Been Hacked

CNN reports that online stock trading service Scottrade has been hacked, with information “lost” on 4.6 million customers.

The company says trading information was not stolen, which is good news… and better news – we have 3 suggested signs that your trading account may have been hacked.

  1. The E*Trade baby is sitting at your computer, and successfully logged into your account.  Do you have a better explanation as to how a baby is buying Disney stock on your computer?
  2. One million trading slips have arrived in your snail mailbox all at once. Totally suspicious if you signed up for online-only-mail and invested only in environmentally-friendly paperless companies.
  3. Your account is filled with nothing but Polaroid and Kodak stock. Maybe the perpetrator who lead to you owning shares of these bankrupt companies will be ironic enough to send you their photo of them hacking your account.

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