Starbucks Now Allowing Americans To Order-Ahead

CNN reports that Starbucks will allow American orders to jump-the-line and order a drink via an app for pick-up.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1.  If you use the App, will it offer to misspell your name on the cup, to add to that feeling of authenticity?*
  2. Will the App allow you to choose your name on the cup, and if so will an employee have to say, “Here, is your Frappuccino, Lord Vader?”
  3. Will you really think idea #2 above is such a great idea if they ask for ID to prove that you are indeed, Lord Vader?

*We misspelled “hire” as “higher” in our headline yesterday. What hypocrites for mocking spelling errors!

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  1. I think a good logo for this app would be “Get overcharged for your coffee before you even step inside!”


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