Milwaukee Brewers Hire 30-Year-Old General Manager

The Milwaukee Brewers have hired 30-year-old Harvard grad, David Sterans as their new GM.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. “What’s the big deal? The team is called the Brewers and he’s old enough to drink. Isn’t that all that matters in a stadium where mascots ride down slides above the outfield wall?”
  2. “Man, doesn’t it suck when you just miss the 30-under-30 list?  Enjoy years on less-exclusive, larger 40-under-40 lists, sucker!”
  3. “Still more qualified than any Republican candidate to be President, and we don’t even know anything about him!  Will he please run when he turns 35?  Secret tip: it doesn’t matter how your baseball team or any other business does – just ask the current candidates or former Rangers co-owner George W. Bush.”

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