Apple Keynote Features Video Game That Seems An Awful Lot Like Frogger

Apple introduced a bunch of new products today, include a new Apple TV box that can play a game called “Crossy Road” where you run across the road, avoiding cars, and then jump on logs.  The game is made by a company called Hipster Whale.

Since we’re all about helping hipsters, here are 3 slogans we have for the video game company, Hipster Whale.

  1. “Frogger? Never heard of it? Honest.”
  2. “Hipsters are mainstream now, so why would you expect an original, non-conformist idea from a hipster? We’re too busy ironically playing Frogger at Barcade to come up with ideas.”
  3. “Look, this game completely mimics real life where busy roads are built next to log-filled waterways. Have you never been to Portland? Neither have we, but we have beards that look like we have.”

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