12 Year-Old Girl Gets Higher Score Than Einstein and Hawking on IQ Test

The Guardian reports that a 12-year-old Indian girl scored 162 points on a Mensa IQ test, 2 points higher than the scores achieved by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Do you always get one point for every game a Major League Baseball team plays in a season on tests? Are you sure you want to join Mensa and not the Boston Red Sox, because they could sure use an extra point a game?
  2. Can you please write a sequel to the movie the Theory of Everything, and this time solve everything in the universe in an equation, yet dumb it down so the audience understands what’s going on? Thanks.
  3. Do people ask you if you’re relatively smarter than Einstein and then laugh hysterically? Sorry – get used to it.

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