Canadian Federal Candidate (Now Ex-Candidate) Caught Peeing In A Homeowner’s Cup By Security Camera

CBC reports that “Peegate” has “flooded” social media after a (now former) candidate for Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada in Toronto was allegedly caught peeing into a homeowner’s cup.

Jerry Bance, a service technician was reportedly on a service call to repair a sink, when he peed into a coffee mug, and dumped it down the drain, along with any hopes of becoming a Member of Parliament.

And so the Conservative Party of Canada dropped him as their candidate in the Toronto riding.

3 Things We Wonder If Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Is Wondering About This Incident

  1. “Thank goodness Canada’s right-leaning party is no longer called the ‘Progressive Conservative’ party, or there would be more jokes on Twitter calling it the ‘PeeC Party.'”
  2. “How come Jay-Z gets to rap in the song ‘Threats’ that “for three years they had me peein’ out of a cup,” and nobody’s making fun of him? Perhaps it’s because peeing out of cups is far cooler than peeing into cups.”
  3. “No I don’t want to hear jokes about my party’s popularity sinking, either.”

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