Scott Walker Out-Dumbs Trump By Considering Canada-U.S. Border Wall

CNN reports that Republican Presidential nominee wannabe Scott Walker has stated that “it’s legitimate” to consider building a wall between Canada and the U.S, along the shared 5,525 mile border.

Here are 3 responses we’d expect from Canada…

  1. “Thanks for offering to build your wall, but we aren’t too concerned about Americans sneaking across borders to get our free health care when they can just drive across the border, or fly into the country.”
  2. “You know that building a wall through Niagara Falls will totally ruin the view of Canadian casinos from the American side. Oh, and also the lovely view of the Horseshoe Falls.  And we’re pretty certain nobody is going over the Canadian falls in a barrel hoping to survive and escape to whatever toxic materials may be in the Niagara River.”
  3. “You represent Wisconsin, dude. Have you never looked at a map?  Because building a wall through Lake Superior for no apparent reason really seems like an obstacle to your state’s ‘ESCAPE TO WISCONSIN‘ tourism campaign. P.S. If you don’t want people illegally immigrating to your state, maybe it needs a better slogan than ‘Escape to Wisconsin.'”

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  1. But why stop at Canada? Let’s also build walls around our enemies Russia (12500 miles) and China (14000 miles)


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