Minnesota Vikings Lead NFL In Arrests Over The Past 5 Years… We Have Theories As To Why…

According to the Bleacher report, every NFL team has had at least one player arrested over the past five years.

Some of the most arrested were:

  • Vikings: 18 arrests
  • Broncos: 16 arrests
  • Colts: 13 arrests
  • Buccaneers: 13 arrests

3 Explanations For The Above Stats

  1. Of course vikings and buccaneers are going to get into trouble! Has nobody seen How To Train Your Dragon or Pirates of the Caribbean?
  2. Of course broncos and colts are going to be easy to arrest. Has nobody seen cowboys with lassos at a rodeo?
  3. The Cowboys had seven arrests, which means those broncos and colts are probably lucky that some cowboys were too busy in jail to arrest them.

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