Musician Tweets He May Have Replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber CDs With His Own Album In L.A. Stores.

Yahoo reports that as an April Fool’s prank, a musician in Los Angeles, with the help of some friends, tweeted that he replaced 5,000 Justin Bieber compact disc cases in stores with his own album.

Stores included Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, and the musician hoped to get his independent music in retail stores. Did he really do it? Maybe you’ll have to book that flight to LAX to travel to a SoCal Walmart, like you’re always talking about doing.

Three Reasons We Say The Musician May Have Punked Himself

1. Compact Discs? Do people still buy those? Do tween Justin Bieber fans even own compact disc players, given a 12-year-old is younger than the iPod?

2. Justin Bieber music – who is buying that at Best Buy? Imagine an adult strolling into Best Buy to purchase a new iPad – are they really going to wander into a compact disc section and buy the latest Bieber album? Or are they going to ask for instructions to download Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits from iTunes?

3. Are there legal ramifications for removing 5,000 CDs from somewhere? Who knows, but life isn’t always fair in the way that you try to get your music out as a prank and get into legal trouble, while Justin Bieber allegedly gets his racing gear out in Miami… and as recently reported by Inquisitr, may strike a deal to have all the charges dropped.

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  1. The real danger is that the guy is better than Justin Bieber, someone will buy the CD thinking it’s Justin Bieber, make the song go viral, and real people start buying Justin Bieber discs.


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