Bell Media Head Calls Netflix “Dreaded”

The Globe and Mail reports that the new head of Bell Media, a division of BCE, a company that co-rules an oligopoly over satellite TV, telephone service, cellular service, and internet service called Netflix “dreaded.”

Here’s what she said:

“Viewers are demanding simplicity. And they will seek it out… It is enough to drive anyone to the dreaded Netflix. Legally or illegally.””

We are all for respecting copyright laws, so don’t steal content, people. That said, using the adjective “dreaded,” even if sarcastically, when you are running a media company to describe a superior competitor, doesn’t seem like a good idea to us. Here are 3 better uses of the word “Dreaded” we might expect from a BCE representative.

1. “Ever since BCE bought part of the dreaded Toronto Maple Leafs, the team has continued to suck, unlike the dreaded Montreal Canadians, which are also owned by BCE. How does owning parts of two competing teams work? We dreaded someone might ask that question.”

2.  “You won’t believe the dreaded prices you’ll have to pay for tickets to see the BCE-partly owned Leafs or Raptors, but don’t worry, you can always watch them at home on Bell Fibe airing on the BCE-majority-owned TSN network. Just not now, because neither of these teams are in the playoffs despite charging some of the highest prices in sports.”

3. “If you dreaded that a Canadian company wouldn’t try to compete with Netflex, fear not. Bell has Crave TV. Sure you don’t get House of Cards or Arrested Development.  Sure, you have to be a Bell customer to buy it.  Sure, it will still use your Bell data if you watch it on WiFi.  But trust us, this is a good idea, and we’ll all be talking about it in years, unlike the Dreaded Netflix.”

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