3 Reasons We Think Marco Rubio Apparently Liked The Finale of Mad Men

Spoiler Alert! We think enough time has gone by for you all to have seen the finale of Mad Men, so we’ll write about it, too.

And we’re not saying this because we just watched it this week… anyway, after the show, Marco Rubio tweeted this:

finale – a reminder 20th Century was great, but it’s over & it isn’t coming back. It’s time for New American Century. .”

Here’s three reasons we think he liked it!

1.  The hippie-folky-peaceful Coca-Cola “Hilltop” commercial totally represents everything the Republican party has done since the commercial aired in 1970. Right?

2.  He was waiting to say “It’s time for a new American century!” since 2001. So it kinda makes sense that his ideas of “time” are out of touch.

3.  Or maybe, he is so out of touch that he literally means it is time for a new American Century. You thought Y2K was a big deal? Wait until Rubio demands we all adjust our electronic clocks to 2101!

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