3 Slogans We Propose For Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwiches

Yahoo Finance reports that the Olive Garden, in an attempt to improve its business, plans to take one of its popular items (breadsticks) and make breadstick sandwiches.  As we always like to help corporations improve upon their original ideas, here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For Breadstick Sandwiches

1. “Hey, you guys love unlimited breadsticks when you’re hungry, waiting for your meal, right? Well, now pay for these things as they are your meal.”

2. “What are you looking at? Taco Bell uses Doritos as shells. It’s not like all of you are so discerning.”

3. “Might we suggest the Jalapeño Pepper Vegetarian Breadstick Sandwich? It’s totally fresh. Totally not made of unlimited saiad and breadsticks table #15 didn’t finish eating.”

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