3 More Slogans We Propose For Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwiches

Yesterday, we wrote about how the Olive Garden is introducing a twist on its popular breadsticks. No they are not twisting the breadsticks and sprinkling them in cinnamon. That might be a better idea than what they are planning: breadstick sandwiches.

We suggested some slogans. And you, being like an Olive Garden customer, demanded another helping. So here are 3 more slogans:

1. Olive Garden Breadsticks Sandwiches: Because The Endless Breadsticks Really Are Endless At This Place. Try Our Breadstick Gelato For Dessert!

2. Olive Garden: We Also Have Endless Authentic Italian Food Ideas. Care For A Breadstick Meatball?

3. Olive Garden: This Is The Stuff The New Management Is Coming Up With – Imagine How Bad Old Management Was!

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  1. So will this be an Endless Breadstick Slogans series? 🙂

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