Fox Votes American Idol Off The Air

Fox announced that after 15 years, American Idol will end in 2016, Here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For The Final Season of American Idol

1. “American Idol: The First Person Who Can Tweet The Name Of A Current Judge Gets To Be The Next Judge. Just Please Tweet Anything To Get People Watching Again. Please. #Idol15 #IdolOnFox.”

2. “Survivor Somehow Outlasted This? Or Did It? We Don’t Know Either. Guess We’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Find Out When This Goes Out Of Production.”

3. “American Idol: Discovering Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Nobody You Heard Of For 15 Years.”

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  1. What does The Fox say [to American Idol]? No. — It’s No Secret, Seacrest Will Be Idle Next Season — 1. Fox Votes. [Yay for fox suffrage!] 2. Idol Off the Air. [Yay for Humanity]


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