Is Yelp For Sale? We Have Reviews For Potential Buyers.

Yahoo Finance reports that Yelp is reportedly seeking strategic alternatives, which means the company may be for sale.

Hmmm… we wonder how this will play out since Yelp has a 2.5 star rating on Yelp.

To help potential buyers, we’ve written 3 Yelp-style reviews exclusively available on this web site (like we’re going to waste time writing on a web site that’s own users rate 2.5 out of 5)…

1.  “This is my go to place to write clean-language, honest reviews that mysteriously get buried in a special-difficult-to-view section and don’t count toward the rating. Now that’s authentic Italian!”

2. “I love the way I search for one restaurant, and the top of the list features unrelated restaurants offering different cuisine in a different neighborhood. I’m sure the people who are considering paying for these seemingly ill-placed ads will love them as much as I do!”

3.  “Sure, you can’t make reservations at all the top restaurants, like on Open Table. But with all the helpful reviews praising a restaurant I’ve never heard of, I can just assume some of the reviews are fake and all of the tables are available without a reservation any time of day!”

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