The Shocking Truth About The Lack Of Harmful Bacteria In Your Beard

Yesterday we wrote about a TV news show that swabbed a few beards and concluded beards containpoop bacteria.  Slate reports that this non-scientific click-bait adventure means nothing. Because real studies say so and everyone probably has this bacteria on their skin. 

3 Solutions To This Non-Scientific News Dilemma

1. Stop selling swabs to places called “Action News.”  Unless you’re reporting using your swab as a microphone from a hurricane in the Middle East, your swab story is not action news. 

2. Hey editors of other web sites: stop posting fiction. (Does not apply to any Nancy Drew fan fiction sites.)

3. Hey readers: stop forwarding non-science to your friends. You’ll never get a date with your bearded Facebook crush after posting insulting beard poop links. 

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