Study: Canadians Love Smiling Poop Emoji More Than Any Nation reports that a recent survey indicating Emoji popularity found that the smiling poop Emoji (💩) is the most popular Emoji in Canada. Meanwhile, Australians like the beer Emoji, and residents of France adore the heart Emoji.

As for America… apparently eggplants are popular. But not necessarily the most popular, since the article was more interested in delving into Canadian preferences, than telling us which one was most popular in America.

3 More Emojis We’d Like To See Created For Canada

1. Poop in a Maple Leafs’ jersey. (Very appropriate given recent lack of playoff success.)

2. Poop in a Raptors’ jersey. (Given recent 0-3 record against the Washington Wizards.)

3. Wizard that changes poop into basketballs. (Also appropriate for the reason above.)

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