School Bus Driver Allowed To Forbid Young Girl From Reading Book While Riding Bus

CBC reports that a school board in Quebec has upheld a school bus driver’s rule that forbids one young girl from reading on the bus.

Apparently the bus driver believes reading a book is dangerous because a reader could poke their eye with the book, and the school board thinks its not dangerous but allows bus drivers to make their own rules.

3 Lessons Learned From This Story

1. Adults will likely find many ways to screw things up, even if they defy logic. Too bad you had to learn that in the school of hard knocks, instead of from a book on Congress, kid!

2. Maybe this school board should reconsider its rule that the “Bus driver makes the rules.” We’re pretty certain that if the bus driver adopted the rules of the “Hunger Games,” the board may have intervened.

3. We’d wager “not reading” is dangerous for the future. Especially if the kid was reading the Hunger Games after the bus-driver adopted the rules of the Hunger Games.

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  1. That just increased her chances of growing up to be a bus driver!:)


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