HBO Issues Cease And Desist Letter To Bar Showing Game of Thrones

Yahoo Finance reports that a Brooklyn bar ended two years of showing HBO’s Game of Thrones after being issued a cease-and-desist letter.

3 Related Cease-And-Desist Letters We’d Like To See

1. Dear Furious 7 viewers – please cease and desist paying money only to see super hero movies and car-chase sequels.


Everyone else working in the film industry.

2. Dear Cat Video viewers, please cease and desist diverting Google Ad revenue away from the latest music videos of aspiring bands.

3. Dear people who watch Game of Thrones in costumes in bars, please cease and desist doing this, unless you want the trend to continue to every HBO series.  Hint: nobody wants to get arrested for dressing up as “Naked” like on the hit series Girls.

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