Polls Show That Polls Aren’t Always Very Useful

CNET reports that various polls taken recently indicate that between 3% and 30% of Americans are very likely to buy an Apple Watch, depending on which poll you believe.

3 Things We Know For Sure

1. People share information of whether they are going to buy a $17,000 Watch with strangers on the phone! We wonder if any polls asked “Are you going to buy the Limited Apple Watch, and what room in your house will you use to charge it at night?”

2. The people who share personal information with strangers on the phone may have different purchasing preferences than the people who hang up when they learn they are talking to a pollster.  For example, we suspect people who are more likely to take polls on phones are more likely to buy iPhones, because they love a chance to talk to anybody!

3. Twenty-seven percent of people change their purchasing decisions every few minutes. It’s probably a good idea not to go shopping for a gift with these people. You’ll just find yourself getting stuck exchanging the gifts they chose for themselves.

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