Men Try To Build “Man Cave” In Public Park

Yahoo News Digest reports that a mystery tunnel found in a Toronto park near a future venue of the Pan Am games turns out to be a man cave built by two 20-something men who apparently had no idea you can’t build a man cave wherever you want.

3 More Poor Choices Of Locations To Build Your Man Cave

1. In tunnels leading to the panda exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. Have you not seen Kung Fu Panda? Oh, and building things in a public zoo near endangered animals may be legally worse.

2, In caves of ColecoVision game “B.C.’s Grog’s Revenge.” Because if Grog sees you, you lose the game. But you win knowing obscure video game references like this one, which may be handy to make in a man cave.

3. In a Chinese factory where 60 Minutes alleges a certain lumber company gets its wood.  Your man cave is sooooooo not secret if 60 Minutes reports about it.

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