3 Funny Things We See In Response To Facebook Ads

Business Insider reports that Google has at least 4 million advertisers; Facebook has over 2 million; and Twitter has 60,000.

Now that Facebook has reached this milestone, here are 3 of the things we enjoy seeing in response to Facebook news feed ads.

1. Users who tell advertisers to “Get Out of My Facebook.” Because, in the heat of the moment, these users forgot they don’t own the company Facebook, and that despite the internet appearing to be free, people actually pay good money to ensure you can exercise your right to comment on the latest hamster videos.

2. Users who just looked at an ad that’s about two sentences long and managed to miss all of the information within the ad. For example:

Ad: “Free hamsters. Just click on this link to the map to get them before dusk and bats eat them.”

User: “How much? Can I get them near me?”

3. Users who don’t understand how easy it is to block them from saying how much they hate the product on Facebook. “What, are you going to keep blocking all 1,000 of my accounts, Hamster Walking Service with 50 likes? The world will know about your secret just-put-the-hamsters-on-treadmill-wheels corner-cutting plan!”

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  1. Bahaha facebook is the ultimate venue within which peoples’ unbridled and in many cases unfathomable ignorance can be put on display for all the big brown world to see! The comments that appear on advertisements truly are remarkable.


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