Leafs To Play Winter Game Outside In Stadium With Retractable Roof

The Score reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs plan to host an “outdoor” game in the winter of 2017 in Toronto’s Rogers Centre retractable roof dome stadium.

So basically tens of thousands of fans will get to sit in a potential blizzard to watch a game that could be played indoors. We always thought that the point of winter classic style games played outside was that tens of thousands of more fans could see the game, and that stadiums with that capacity tend to be outside.

But guess the Leafs (owned in part by Rogers, who owns the stadium) think otherwise.

3 Things This Obviously Proves

1. Hockey fans are tough because they can sit outside in the cold. And their ability to sit in the cold has nothing to do with their ability to buy $15 beer in the stadium opening its roof in the winter.

2. The only way hockey fans can prove they are tough is to sit in the cold together at a sporting event. There’s no conceivable way to prove this ability to bear the elements…like say hanging out in a Tim Hortons’ parking lot for several hours.

3. You can sell Toronto hockey fans anything. Like tickets at high prices in the 500 level of an open domed stadium without a weather forecast.  Good luck convincing team management to put a great team on the ice with this kind of discerning buying.

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