Seattle Seahawks Pull Stunning Comeback Against Green Bay Packers.

Yesterday, at half-time we very accurately predicted that half-time was the right time to make light of the Seattle Seahawks, as they were being shut out, and waiting to make fun of them could have resulted in a joke upset.

So now that Seattle won, here are 3 new names we propose for the Green Bay Packers…

1. Small-Town-That-Somehow-Has-An-NFL-Team-When-Los-Angeles-Does-Not-So-Time-To-Pack-Our-Suitcases-And-Leave-This-Place Packers

2. Green Day Slackers (really not a fair name, given Green Day just got inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, but then again, they kinda are slackers, just like Green Bay during the most important 44 seconds of yesterday’s game.)

3. Greenbackers (Because after yesterday’s game they hate coin tosses and anything coin related.)

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  1. The game isn’t over until it is over! Go Hawks!


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