It’s About Time Car Companies Started Marketing Towards Children!

Yahoo Finance reports that major automakers are marketing cars to children who are too young to drive.

This quote from a Ford executive in the article best sums up the situation:

“‘Today, children of all ages are integral in household decision making,’ says Sheryl Connelly, Futurist at Ford Motor Company.”

3 Recent Purchasing Decisions You May Have Made Because Of Your Kids

1. Taking your kids to EPCOT Center because they told you they wanted to grow-up to become futurists, because that’s where the money is, and based on EPCOT Center’s history, futurists always get things right.

2. Whichever fast food product came with the Big Hero 6 toy.

3. Robotic Zoomer puppy (proper name = “Zuppy”), because your kid promised it would take care of the puppy. And then your  kid never did. Fortunately, it is robotic, and requires no further attention. So some things futurists predict, like robotic dogs, are of value, after all!

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