Imagining A World Where People Get Paid To Use Something Like Facebook

CNBC reports that a new social network called tsū pays users to do whatever they do on social networks every day. So somehow, if you join this network, and invite your friends, and you post stuff, you’ll be paid each time people view your baby photos or whatever you post.

3 Things We Imagine Seeing Posted On A Paid Social Network

1. “Hey everyone, here’s update number 200 from me today! I finished eating soup. Here’s a pic of an empty bowl. This is much better than advertising, right? Sure, I forgot to tell you what kind of soup it was or if it was any good. Now where’s my money?”

2. “Hey, don’t read those other people’s 200 live-blogging updates on the Broncos-Bengals game. Read mine, mine, mine! Go Broncos! Again, much better than reading an ad in your newsfeed from the NFL, right?”

3. “Enjoy reading all of these ramblings about nothing from a bunch of people trying to make money off minimal effort? Now you know how I feel being a literary agent.”

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