You May Now Resume Worrying About All That Worrying You Do

New York Magazine reports that a recent study indicates that worrying about stuff could be a sign of intelligence.

3 New Things To Worry About

1. How are any future studies every gonna get done now? What smart person is going to risk going anywhere near a science lab with all the germs, chemicals, sharp objects, and evil geniuses?

2. Does this mean dumb people are flying the plane? What true-worrier would even get in a giant metal tube hurling at 30,000 feet at 500 mph? Especially knowing a study indicates the pilot may be dumb.

3. Does this mean that the people making us worry about everything on the news are making us smarter? And if we’re all smarter why are we wasting our smarts watching the news instead of solving all of the world’s problems?  The study did acknowledge that correlation does not mean causation, so we wouldn’t worry about this one, or anything else on this list. 🙂

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