Coke To Stop Sponsorship of American Idol

CNBC reports Coca-Cola is ending its 13-year sponsorship of American Idol.

3 Observations From This Story

1. This is great news for American Idol, because people who read this news story now know that American Idol is still a thing.

2. We don’t know what soft drink to consume now. In the same way we don’t know the name of a current American Idol judge.

3. We recommend that Skittles replace Coca-Cola as the sugary sponsor of choice, as the current judges (whoever they are) can tell the audience to “Taste the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors” after 100 contestants sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” during Hollywood* Week.

*Which we suggest now be held in Hollywood, Florida, to save money and be closer to the senior citizen audience.

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  1. somebody had to do it AI must be stopped, its a sign of the apocalypse, I am also a sign of the apocalypse.


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