Blackberry Paying People To Sell Their iPhones

CNBC reports that Blackberry is offering people up to $550 to sell the company their iPhones. The catch: you have to buy a Blackberry that retails for $500.

3 Things We Imagine Nobody Is Saying About This Deal Before Black Friday

1. “Sounds great, Dr. Blackberry, I get to finally get rid of my new $650 iPhone 6 Plus, and get a new Blackberry, and I only lose $50 on the deal!”

2. “No, you don’t, Dr. Mathenstein. $650 minus $550 equals a $100 loss. But then you save $150 on the new phone, so you save $50 by trading phones. Doesn’t that Blackberry have a calculator? It crashed? Oh, sorry.”

3. “I am never bringing Dr. Blackberry and Dr. Mathenstein to my surgery on Black Friday again. Will someone remove my appendix, please?”

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