It’s Like If They Printed “Roddy Dungerfield” On Your Comedy Hall Of Fame Jersey

CNN reports that Detroit Pistons’ player Andre Drummond received a game jersey before Monday night’s game against the Bulls with his name misspelled “Drummund.”

Eventually he was given a jersey with the correct spelling.

3 More Potential Bright Sides To This Story

1. Nobody repossessed the words “Detroit” from any jersey, notwithstanding any recent Detroit bankruptcy.

2. Whoever made the shirt did not get a lecture on spelling from Diff’rent Strokes father, Mr. Drummond. That would have been one scary lecture, given the actor who played him is deceased.

3. Nobody misspelled the losing score – Pistons 91, Chicago 102. And despite being a losing score, disappointed fans did not receive a recall notice in the mail that their Detroit Pistons may cause their cars to shut down if they don’t get more points per game.

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