Man Eats 95 Meals At Olive Garden As Part Of Ridiculous Promotion

CNN reports that as part of a promotion where participants could buy unlimited pasta meals at the Olive Garden for $100 for seven weeks, a North Carolina man has completed week six with 95 meals.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is this even a good deal? The guy is paying a buck a meal. But he could have bought a lot of pasta to make at home for that price. And he could even put salt in the boiling water, which Olive Garden was reported not to do (to conserve pots) by activist investors. Conclusion: it is a good deal because he got on national news for doing something mundanely ridiculous.

2. How much would someone have to pay you to eat 95 meals at the Olive Garden? Given we’d have to spend every other waking hour on a treadmill to burn off the carbs, we think $1,000,000 a meal sounds reasonable. (We’re assuming that’s what Matthew McConaughey got paid to do the same amount of exercise to lose weight for Dallas Buyer’s Club.)

3. “Why don’t people eat 95 meals at us, Sbarro?” Perhaps people don’t make 95 trips to the “premium” outlet mall. Tough break, Sbarro.

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