Finally, Scientists Create A Baby Robotic Penguin Spy!

Yahoo News Digest reports that international scientists have created a robotic chick that is able to travel up to “shy” penguins in Antarctica, and totally fool them into thinking they’re dealing with a real baby penguin.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. How do the scientists know that the other adult penguins they are spying on, aren’t really robotic spy penguins? If so, we imagine the creators of the adult spy robotic penguins may be laughing at the baby robotic penguin technology.

2. As far as tricking birds with man-made objects, is it safe to say the scarecrow is now obsolete? Attention Wizard of Oz fans: if the scarecrow had a brain, he may have taken science in school and not allowed himself to become yesterday’s technology.

3. When can we expect a penguin spy movie from Disney? We imagine if Disney-owned Marvel featured penguins in one of their comics, we’d have more penguin spy movies. But, alas, the closest thing to an evil Penguin from Batman is owned by rival DC Comics parent company Time Warner.

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  1. Keep the penguin away from Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler, for pete’s sake!


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