Maybe Beverages Weren’t So Pure in 1516

Modern Farmer reports that a study of 24 German beers found 100% of the beers contained tiny bits of plastic or other undesirable items, including an insect, floating in the beer.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does this mean it’s time to stop making reference to complying with the German Purity Law of 1516 on beer product labels? You know, because plastic wasn’t invented in 1516, although insects may have been considered cool then.

2. It’s time for a certain insect to admit they have a problem drinking alone. Are we right?

3. Hey, we just questioned a beer purity law of 1516 after reading an article in Modern Farmer – coincidence? If so, kudos, for providing us with yet another reason since yesterday’s astrology article to think about science.

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  1. I’m sure this problem is not as bad in American beers (simply because it can’t be worse than 100%). On the other hand, less than 100% of American beers actually contain beer.

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