California School Cheese Sandwiches Must Suck Enough To Risk Getting Detention

The Toronto Sun reports that a 13-year-old California has served a school detention for sharing his lunch. Specifically, he shared a chicken burrito with a classmate who didn’t like the cheese sandwich that the school gave him.

The school claims sharing food is problematic due to hygiene and allergy issues.

3 Lessons Learned From This Story

1.  Sharing is only okay when you are sharing oxygen in a detention room with other classmates who did something inconsequential. Even if they have the flu.

2.  If you are sharing a detention room with an unhygienic kid who has the flu, the school’s policy is ironic. A word its students may not learn if they spend too much time getting the flu in detentions.

3. If your school gets in the news for something dumb like this, you may not be that great at teaching people to be smart.

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