Spoiler Alert: You Still Will Watch That Show If Someone Spoils The Ending

CBC News reports that according to Netflix, 94% of people will still watch a show or movie if a major plot point has been spoiled.

Three Tips For People Planning On Spoiling Plot Points

1.  Just because your Facebook Friends will watch Breaking Bad, even though you gave away the ending, it may be because they invested 20 hours watching it, and not because they’re a fan of your ability to predict the future that already happened.

2.  Six percent of those Facebook Friends will not watch the ending because of you. Specifically, in the case of shows like Dexter, they will not watch the ending of a series explaining how to dispose of bodies. Hopefully, in said example, it is because they already got way more information about how to dispose bodies than they ever wanted, and will thank you for giving them a reason not to watch the end of a show that glorifies violence.

3. Well, movie distributors, you just learned you can give away the entire ending now to trailers. So go beyond the beginning of the final scene where the romantic interest runs to the airport. We all knew how it was going to work out when the trailer for your romantic comedy began, anyway.

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  1. I’m going to give away a spoiler for every movie and TV show ever made. It would end with credits.

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