Future Groom Fakes Death To Avoid His Future Wedding

Yahoo News reports that a 23-year-old man phoned-his bride-to-be, imitating his father. The “father” told her that the future groom had thrown himself in front of a truck, and successfully committed suicide.

The bride-to-not-be learned of him not being dead by phoning his mother to offer condolences.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings in a break-up, is pretending to commit suicide really the answer? We suspect, the news that a future husband is dead, presumably because he didn’t care about getting married, is just worse than saying “I don’t want to get married.” We suggest if you are in this situation, you phone a pretending-to-commit-suicide-for-dumb-reasons help line.

2. Aren’t these people on social media? Seems pretty hard to convince someone you’re dead, if all of the future bridesmaids see your status updates that you are at a Pearl Jam concert rocking out to “Alive.”

3. Hey, if you really wanted to disappear, did you consider the fact that dumb stories like this go viral? If not, you have plenty of time to consider that now. Which is too bad, because we prefer when keyboard-playing cats become famous instead.

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  1. This is so silly! I wonder if he was scared she would beat him up if he didn’t marry her. So death was the best option.


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