In case you can’t figure out how to pour coffee in your beer…

The Canadian Press reports that coffee chain Tim Hortons has built a prototype of a store that could serve coffee-flavored beer. Or maybe it won’t.

3 More Flavors Of Beer We Don’t Want To See From Competitors

1.  Legal-papers flavored beer (after someone frivolously sues a company for spilling hot coffee-flavored beer on their lap, despite warning of temperature on cup.)

2.  Water-flavored beer. (We don’t want to see this because it’s already available at sports stadiums everywhere.)

3. Bear-flavored beer. Bears are dirty animals. And trying to sip a live bear is probably more dangerous than spilling hot coffee on your lap, and harder to start frivolous lawsuits against. Specifically, bears are really hard to serve legal papers upon, and get to tell the truth under oath in Court.

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