Law: You Can’t File For Divorce Or Sue King Of Spain

The Local (Spain’s news in English) reports that due to a crazy law that prevents people from suing kings of Spain, the recently married King could prevent the former journalist he married on Thursday from ever divorcing him.

3 Frequently Asked Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “If the marriage does not work out, will the former journalist report that she should have read the fine print?” We don’t know the answer to that.*

2.  “Does this mean that it was a bad deal to buy the entire city of Barcelona from someone with a crown on their head?” Hey, whether you bought it from the King of Spain, or someone who stole the costume of the former Burger King “King” mascot, remember, just because you may be able to sue the latter, it may not be easy to enforce the decision.

3. “Given today’s high divorce rates, does this mean that it may be a better idea to marry someone in a Burger King ‘King’ Mascot uniform in Spain than the actual King of Spain?” That’s a tough call, because marrying a former mascot may be a bad idea unless you share the experience that you are also a former mascot.  That said, if you are a former Wendy’s mascot, do you really think a relationship with a former Burger King mascot has a better chance of creating some happiness than one to the King of Spain? Perhaps you need to listen to more Kanye West music to answer that.

*”Hello, this is the fine print, and we don’t know the answer to that, either. Also, as the fine print making that law may have been made in faded Spanish calligraphy, we don’t know if it would have been legible enough to make a difference.”

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