3 Ads We’d Like To See On NBA Jerseys

Deadspin reports that the NBA Logo has been moved to the back of jerseys to possibly make room for ads.

So your favorite NBA player’s uniform can now more closely match your child’s locally-sponsored soccer jersey. Except your child’s team isn’t worth billions of dollars, which may mean it’s time to step up the expectations of your kids on the pitch, parents!

While you do that, here are 3 ads we’d like to see on NBA Jerseys…

1. Microsoft Surface Ad On LA Clippers’ Uniform. Now that Steve Balmer is buying the team, we need a place to swipe the Clippers’ uniform, just like an iPad to show us a player’s latest stats. Except, due to patent law, we probably don’t know which direction to swipe the Surface-uniform to get that information. And it doesn’t really matter, because if you try to do that, you will be called for a foul, assuming there is an app to do that, which there probably is not on the limited-App device.

2. Miami Heat Heimlich Maneuver Public Service Ad. Because it’s always a good idea to teach people how to prevent choking.

3. Brooklyn Nets Zantac Fast Acting Heartburn Relief Ad. When we think “NBA” and “fast-acting,” we can’t help think of the Brooklyn Nets, a team that JAY-Z owned for, like, fifteen minutes. Given the number of product references in JAY-Z’s music, Zantac is one of the few products that may not actually be associated with rap’s mogul. That’s assuming the Nets are fast-acting enough to grab Zantac as a sponsor, as JAY-Z seems to release new albums every fifteen minutes.

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