3 Things We Wonder If Snapchat Wishes Would Disappear After Watching Apple Keynote

CNN reports that at its World Wide Developer Conference, Apple announced iPhone users will be able to send videos to other users that will, by default, self-destruct after a few minutes after being viewed…

…Which we suspect might make Snapchat wish the following things would also permanently disappear:

1. Any rejection letter sent to Facebook in response to their reported $3 billion offer to buy Snapchat.

2. The Smarty-pants who leant Snapchat the Economics 101 textbook missing the pages explaining why “no barriers to entry” may be a bad thing for a business.

3. The images on Snapchat, which as we wrote about here, don’t really disappear. So we trust any contemplated complaints from Snapchat owners about Apple’s latest move would also pre-emptively disappear.

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