Now Will Shakira Want A “HipsDontLie” Vanity Plate?

QMI Agency reports that a New Hampshire man, who legally changed his name to “Human,” has also been permitted by a Court to own and use a vanity license plate that says “COPSLIE.”

Great news for freedom to express one’s opinion that not all police officers may tell the truth.

Not as good news for “Human” who has made it easier for the police to remember his license plate when they write him a ticket.

3 Worse Vanity License Plates For People Who Don’t Want To Get Tickets (In A World Where Twitter Manufactures License Plates)

1. “COPSLIEANDEATDONUTSALLDAY.” In addition to traffic violations, you’ll probably get written up for having too large a license plate, which keeps scratching other cars, and unlucky motorcycle sidecar riders as you drive by.

2. “F***ThePolice&IfTheyGiveMeATicketIHaveABillionDollarsToPay.” Hey, wait for that rumored Beats-Apple deal to close before bragging about the billionaire status, Dr. Dre. Although, kudos on getting a plate with self-censoring asterisks!

3. “GUILTY.” It’s kind of hard to argue in front of the Judge while waving the ticket you directly caused to admit you’re guilty.


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