Advertisers Upset They Can’t Make Your Facebook Newsfeed Full Of Ads For Free

Business Insider reports that a recent change to Facebook that affects the number of users who see a status update from a page they like has some advertisers unhappy. According to a study, average brand pages with fewer than 500,000 “likes” have their updates seen by about 6% of fans, while average brands with over 500,000 “likes” have updates seen by about 2% of fans.

Remember, not everyone is logged into Facebook all the time, so just because you update the status to your Shrimp-Watching Blog, it doesn’t mean 100% of your fans are going to see your three-week-old-Red-Lobster-Shrimpfest post. Especially since most of your Facebook fans are Kentucky Cave Shrimp who are born without eyes.

3 Types Of People We Suspect Are Not Seeing Your Updates On Facebook

1. People who just got a strange email with a weird-looking link to a fake Facebook page, and just tried to log into the scam-artist’s page. These people click on everything, so they totally would have clicked on the link in your status update. Unfortunately, since they click on everything, fraudsters have filled their inboxes and drained their bank accounts, so they wouldn’t have been able to buy your cat mittens, anyway. By the way, is “Kittens” really a good brand name for cat mittens? You may want to rethink that before someone expects a litter of kittens delivered to their door.

2. People who live in one of those countries that block Facebook. On second thought, don’t worry – they probably saw your ad thousands of times while spying on American users’ accounts.

3. People who work for companies that block Facebook. Hey, if you work for one of these companies, don’t get all mopey. It’s probably a good idea that you don’t see a news feed post telling who your ex-boyfriend is dating, while you are working on the cat-mitten assembly line.*

*the cat-mitten assembly line is located in China, so also qualifies for category #2!

Are fewer people viewing your blog’s Facebook updates due to recent Facebook changes? Tell us about it below!

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